Meaning of — a pop in English:

— a pop


  • Costing a specified amount per item.

    • ‘those swimsuits she wears are £50 a pop’
    • ‘For 99 cents a pop, plus a monthly download fee, you can store a file wherever you'd like.’
    • ‘I mean, the record industry was much happier when they were selling 500,000, a million things at $20 a pop than 500 million songs at 99 cents a pop.’
    • ‘And by then Edison's stock, which had traded as high as $23 a share in the glory days of 2001, was chugging along at 85 cents a pop.’
    • ‘At 25 cents a pop, the fun 'n' games won't break the bank.’
    • ‘Not bad for merchandise that went for 10 cents a pop.’
    • ‘They only cost five dollars a pop and come in six different colors: light blue, navy blue, white, olive green, black, and red.’
    • ‘Or the snack vendor in Bella Vista's coffee fields who sells banana chips and fruit juice for about 25 cents a pop.’
    • ‘He can make speeches for many thousands of dollars a pop.’
    • ‘The sodas were free, but the booze was four dollars a pop.’
    • ‘They spend the time writing, producing and recording the songs and I pay 15 dollars a pop to say thank you.’