Meaning of — from hell in English:

— from hell


  • An extremely unpleasant or troublesome example of something.

    • ‘neighbours from hell’
    • ‘The torment imposed by neighbours from hell can go on for years.’
    • ‘You could be caught on camera when a mobile CCTV unit takes to Southend's streets to snoop on neighbours from hell.’
    • ‘An innovative help group for residents whose lives are blighted by neighbours from hell will be piloted in two York areas.’
    • ‘Some people go on holiday to get away from the neighbours from hell.’
    • ‘Landlords have expressed concerns over a crackdown on neighbours from hell.’
    • ‘A programme about neighbours from hell is guaranteed to get me put into a psychiatric ward for my own safety.’
    • ‘I felt as if I got smashed last night and was now experiencing the hangover from hell.’
    • ‘My next door neighbours have turned into the customers from hell.’
    • ‘If you are a normal, hard working, sensible teacher, this is your week from hell.’
    • ‘I woke up this morning with one of my headaches from hell - the kind that makes my whole body shiver and turns my head into a cannonball.’
    • ‘I have the headache from hell, my throat is killing me, and my sinuses hurt.’
    • ‘Lucas also finished his job from hell on Friday so we went out for a long big breakfast on Saturday morning to celebrate.’
    • ‘Holidaymakers have told of their charter flight from hell that should have taken four hours - but lasted two days.’
    • ‘A Swindon family had a holiday from hell in a Spanish hotel where hundreds of guests were struck down with a mystery bug.’
    • ‘In this service station from hell, there was one diesel pump open.’
    • ‘Residents living in a Penhill street are celebrating the end of a family from hell's reign of abuse and intimidation.’
    • ‘The other guests must have thought it was their holiday from hell.’
    • ‘We're in the middle of what they said would be Tony's week from hell.’
    • ‘However, we all seem to have the cold from hell at the moment, so this organisation could all go rapidly down hill in the near future.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, they forgot to include surviving the honeymoon from hell in their vows.’
    horrible, rotten, awful, terrible, dreadful, ghastly, horrid, vile, foul, abominable, appalling, atrocious, horrendous, frightful