Meaning of 'za in English:


(also za)


informal US
  • short for pizza

    ‘the mushroom 'za was amazing’
    short for pizza
    • ‘To be fair, I learned afterwards that the original caterers hadn't shown up so in a scramble the 'za was ordered.’
    • ‘The time allowed for a pizza to bake is diminishing, as consumers expect their 'za to appear in shorter time increments than ever.’
    • ‘Fuel up fast with frozen 'za.’
    • ‘As it's now 10pm, we go across the road to a pizzeria where a hot 'za hits the spot.’
    • ‘So unless you want a bunch of angry, hungry sports crazies on your hands, call for your 'za at least ninety minutes before you want it to arrive.’
    • ‘Damien grabs his za and his hat and bounces up into the motel.’
    • ‘It's Beverly Hills "designer" 'za luxed up with smoked salmon, crème fraiche, and caviar.’
    • ‘If this sounds like it might be an hour-long commercial for the uniform-quality 'za you only order because the phone-number is easy to remember, you're correct.’
    • ‘Man could I go for a mess of wings, some za and a couple of pitchers.’
    • ‘On a nondescript corner of Midwood, Domenico has been handmaking the same Neapolitan-style 'za for 48 years.’