Meaning of -ette in English:


Pronunciation /ɛt/


  • 1Forming nouns denoting relatively small size.

    • ‘kitchenette’
  • 2Forming nouns denoting an imitation or substitute.

    • ‘flannelette’
  • 3Forming nouns denoting female gender.

    • ‘suffragette’


The use of -ette as a feminine suffix for forming new words is relatively recent: it was first recorded in the word suffragette at the beginning of the 20th century and has since been used to form only a handful of well-established words, including usherette and drum majorette, for example. In the modern context, where the tendency is to use words which are neutral in gender, the suffix -ette is not very productive and new words formed using it tend to be restricted to the deliberately flippant or humorous, as, for example, ladette and punkette


From Old French -ette, feminine of -et.