Main meanings of -i in English

: -i1-i2


Pronunciation /i/ /ʌɪ/ /iː/


  • 1Forming the plural of nouns adopted from Latin ending in -us.

  • 2Forming the plural of nouns adopted from Italian ending in -e or -o.



Many nouns derived from a foreign language retain their foreign plural, at least when they first enter English and particularly if they belong to a specialist field. Over time, though, it is quite normal for a word in general use to acquire a regular English plural. This may coexist with the foreign plural (e.g. cactus, plural cacti or cactuses) or it may actually oust a foreign plural. Note that not all Latin words ending in -us have a plural that ends in -i: for example, the Latin word apparatus is unchanged in the plural



/i/ /ʌɪ/ /iː/

Main meanings of -i in English

: -i1-i2



  • Forming adjectives from names of countries or regions in the Near or Middle East.



From Semitic and Indo-Iranian adjectival endings.