Meaning of 2D in English:



(also 2-D)
  • Two-dimensional.

    ‘all of the game's graphics are 2D’
    • ‘2D animation’


(also 2-D)
mass noun
  • The quality of being two-dimensional.

    ‘some design problems are better understood in 2D, such as shop floor layouts’
    • ‘These objects can be placed either in 2D or 3D to create the building model.’
    • ‘He also struggled with achieving the kind of detail in end-of-the-day drawings he could accomplish in 2D.’
    • ‘In the early days, designers worked in 2D using AutoCAD.’
    • ‘The images, which can be in 2D or 3D, are the size of double-decker buses.’
    • ‘In 2D, its simplicity translates into yawns.’
    • ‘The graphics may look 'dated' in comparison, but there is still plenty of room for great games in 2D.’
    • ‘I love the graphic quality and the imperfection of 2D.’
    • ‘So listen up developers - just because 3D is good doesn't mean 2D is bad.’
    • ‘The difference between the 3D and 2D is like in music, the difference between a musical note and the actual music.’