Meaning of 2G in English:



mass noun
  • A digital mobile communications standard allowing for voice calls and limited data transmission.

    ‘3G handles both voice and data much more efficiently than 2G’
    • ‘2G networks’
    • ‘Battery life has also been improved, with the new phones only slightly worse than existing 2G phones, according to the FT.’
    • ‘The downside is cost: WiFi chipsets are eight to ten times more expensive than 2G voice chipsets.’
    • ‘Soon many people will have a 3G phone - which they will use on 2G networks.’
    • ‘From that point on, we expect many 2G users to migrate to the more sophisticated service, which we'll price competitively.’
    • ‘The company claims to have solved problems with calls "dropping off" when users move from 3G to 2G areas.’
    • ‘Ubiquity, and blanket coverage, were the great drivers of 2G cellphone adoption.’
    • ‘However, it has concentrated its 3G plans on countries where it already has existing second generation (2G) networks.’
    • ‘One could argue that the US's fragmented 2G standards allowed Europe to jump way ahead.’
    • ‘He estimates that the production cost of 2G phones was about 20% less than that of 3G handsets.’
    • ‘We were joking but the underlying conundrum is serious: and it's how to lure 2G phone users into the 3G promised land.’
    • ‘Technology has, in fact, evolved more quickly than anyone predicted and so we are already enjoying some 3G capabilities on existing 2G networks.’
    • ‘In the mobile industry's huge rush to beat the competition, it is attempting to leap to 3G networks without even having got 2G phones working properly.’
    • ‘There are three different network technologies, a 2G, 2.5G and the 3G.’
    • ‘Will the services be cheap enough and sophisticated enough to persuade consumers to upgrade in big numbers from the current 2G?’
    • ‘It's a great 2G phone of course, but to get the full value, you want packet data.’
    • ‘However, growth in 2G services will not sustain that presence, and he expects a number of stores to be sold off.’
    • ‘"Instead, operators must roll out 3G gradually in traffic hotspots, such as capital cities, where many 2G networks are already feeling the strain."’
    • ‘But naming a technology that will do for 3G what SMS did for 2G had everyone scratching their heads.’
    • ‘"We are creating one multi-speed, multimedia network; integrating 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi," he said.’
    • ‘As US cellular users know only too well, maintaining decent 2G coverage even in densely populated strips such as the Valley's 101 Freeway out of San Jose is a minor miracle.’


1990s abbreviation of second generation.