Meaning of 3D printer in English:

3D printer


  • A machine allowing the creation of a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically by laying down many thin layers of a material in succession.

    ‘he is using his 3D printer to make a replica of a 1961 Aston Martin’
    • ‘The best part is that you don't need access to a 3D printer.’
    • ‘It is based on rapid prototyping technology commonly used to manufacture plastic components from computer-generated blueprints - effectively a form of 3D printer.’
    • ‘She designs her stuff on a computer, sometimes writing programs to help figure out the weird dimensionality of the objects, then prints it on a 3D printer.’
    • ‘We plan to take advantage of the 3D printer's mold-printing capabilities, to make it more efficient to cast metal parts.’
    • ‘The researchers did a CAT scan on the skull and, using the results and a 3D printer, reproduced the spear point so that it could be compared to examples of similar Calf Creek items.’