Meaning of 4D in English:



(also 4-D)
  • 1Four-dimensional.

    • ‘the motion of the pendulum in a 4D space’
    1. 1.1Relating to or denoting a 3D film or video game featuring additional effects such as smells, movement, and simulated weather.
      • ‘a fully immersive 4D film experience’
    2. 1.2Relating to an ultrasound scan of a fetus featuring 3D images and movement.
      • ‘they went for a 4D scan of her twins at 30 weeks’


(also 4-D)
mass noun
  • The quality of being four-dimensional.

    • ‘the film has even been released in 4D in Japan, complete with smog effects and seat movement’


1990s abbreviation of four-dimensional.