Meaning of Americano in English:


Pronunciation /əmɛriˈkɑːnəʊ/

nounplural noun Americanos

(also café Americano)
  • A drink of espresso coffee diluted with hot water.

    ‘It can't be difficult, espresso plus hot water equals Americano.’
    • ‘He looked back to the price list on the wall, where it said Americano, 20 oz, $1.95.’
    • ‘After my third grande Americano of the morning, I inevitably begin to contemplate the connection.’
    • ‘Having ordered Americanos (what we usually drink) we found that Americano in Manchester must mean something different to what it means in Sheffield.’
    • ‘Don't know what they were up to in the kitchen, but the Americano and capuccino coffees were not derived from the same stuff as the espresso.’
    • ‘The following morning, after a breakfast of banana pancakes and Americano coffee, I joined a group of six western women heading off to work in the nearby fields.’
    • ‘I got an iced medium vanilla Americano.’
    • ‘Yesterday started off well with a Grande Americano from Cafe Nero in Edinburgh and didn't get much better.’
    • ‘I went down there daily for a Large Americano, i.e., espresso dumped in a broth of coffee and water.’
    • ‘Happiness is a decent Americano with a toasted ham and goats cheese panini over a copy of the Independent on Sunday.’
    • ‘And he introduced me to the joys of the Americano: a drink I took to so much that I've had to lay off the coffee completely!’
    • ‘Their Americano coffee is okay by me.’
    • ‘I popped into the new coffee shop I spoke of a few days back and was served with a highly mediocre cup of sludgy end-of-day coffee masquerading as an Americano.’
    • ‘I sat for a good long time over my skinny Grande Americano, sipping the strongly restorative liquid and watching the world go by as Graham went about his errands.’
    • ‘I had a Tall Americano and a plain bagel with cottage cheese at the cafe for my lunch, and was greatly satisfied with it.’
    • ‘Served cold or as chacau haa, hot chocolate, this was the basic cacao beverage-the espresso equivalent of an Americano.’
    • ‘My favourites are cappuccino, cafe latte, Americano and the very strong macchiato - all at a basic 95p price.’
    • ‘My favourites are the Americano (a long espresso) and the Moccachino, which is a milkier version of a cappuccino.’
    • ‘Can you get me a triple-shot Americano, please?’
    • ‘Leaving aside Dublin airport, where else can you find a top-class Americano and a tasty chocolate muffin, after which you contentedly fly away?’


1970s American Spanish, literally ‘American (coffee)’.