Meaning of anaphrodisiac in English:


Pronunciation /əˌnafrəˈdɪzɪak/


  • (chiefly of a drug) tending to reduce sexual desire.

    ‘Well, I find that having someone approve of what I do has the same anaphrodisiac effect as a marriage licence.’
    • ‘The herb is anaphrodisiac - which means it reduces sexual desire, particularly if it is pathological.’
    • ‘The use of bromide (it has anaphrodisiac properties - opposite to aphrodisiac) was / is commonly used to keep troops at a low libido so they don't need to show off their masculinity and start fighting one another.’
    • ‘I dare say the sight of a swain in full kitchen-fury is anaphrodisiac.’
    • ‘The Greeks and Romans also thought it was anaphrodisiac.’


  • An anaphrodisiac drug.

    ‘Perhaps the most commonly used anaphrodisiacs in American society are alcoholic beverages and cigarettes.’
    • ‘Yes, saltpeter has long rumored to be an anaphrodisiac, a substance that reduces sexual drive.’
    • ‘Most people don't know what it is, but would have no trouble identifying an example of an anaphrodisiac.’
    • ‘Folk use suggests that it is an anaphrodisiac for men.’
    • ‘Sweet Marjoram is an anaphrodisiac i.e. it can reduce the sex drive, so if you notice any change, stop using immediately.’