Meaning of Antipodean in English:


Pronunciation /anˌtɪpəˈdiːən/

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  • Relating to Australia or New Zealand (used by inhabitants of the northern hemisphere)

    ‘Antipodean wines’
    • ‘With spring swigging in mind, Somerfield is introducing a juicy new range of Antipodean Riesling, dry muscat, Sauvignon blanc and Verdelho wines.’
    • ‘Word is Will has been impressed by Australia's flourishing Hip-Hop scene and plans on introducing Antipodean rappers to the rest of the world.’
    • ‘The acerbic Australian, equally at home dissecting serious cultural issues and Japanese endurance game shows, will be reading from his new collection of essays and dispensing bons mots, acid witticisms and Antipodean insights.’
    • ‘I must confess to being part of the 1980s generation that exasperated parents and teachers alike by staying up until the wee small hours of the morning to catch up on the antics of those Antipodean miscreants on Prisoner Cell Block H.’
    • ‘A charity website reports that charities are planning to fight back with a PR campaign extolling the virtues of having some loud Antipodean drama student hollering at you when you've just popped out for a bag of crisps.’
    • ‘And on Hogmanay there was ample opportunity to contract a virulent dose of lurgy, as hordes of largely Antipodean youths yelled ‘G'day!’’
    • ‘The argument goes along the lines that Antipodean freeloaders cannot get into their national sides but just need to walk off the plane into a Scotland kilt, suitable contract and the words and sheet music to Flower of Scotland.’
    • ‘Surely, surely a way could have been found - notwithstanding Antipodean tax breaks - to shoot one of Scotland's greatest adventure stories in the country in which it was set.’
    • ‘Every April 25, Australians and New Zealanders observe Anzac Day, ostensibly a celebration of Imperial honour, but in truth a ritual of Antipodean identity.’
    • ‘‘But this Antipodean contingent is a positive thing,’ he said.’
    • ‘When they have time off they like to travel - Euro city breaks, transatlantic jaunts, adventurous equatorial treks or even Antipodean long hauls.’
    • ‘But home cooking and easy Antipodean living lured Ryder from his lair.’
    • ‘Go into any bar in the county and before long the chances are you'll come across a member of the bar staff with that distinctive Antipodean twang.’
    • ‘Apologies to any Antipodean readers; just throw another Turkey leg on the Barbie for me and I will be right over.’
    • ‘And she shows no signs of wanting to work in Hollywood or the United States, preferring the freedom offered by being based in Australia, although she almost never comments on Antipodean cinema either.’
    • ‘Many gatekeepers in British, American and Antipodean museums have been relatively progressive in showing women's role in maritime history, not least because museums' economic survival requires them to attract more visitors.’
    • ‘In fact he had stumbled onto an island in what are now known as the New Hebrides, supposedly an upside-down equivalent of Scotland: the naming of Antipodean places was a competition between mismatched metaphors.’
    • ‘But if these throwbacks were unusual, then a little something from Aymon, the new sommelier, a twinkly young Antipodean fellow in formal attire with just a smidge of eyeliner, was a genuine first for me.’
    • ‘Mike has hundreds of chip freaks shouting at him, Andrew and myself were overrun with pedants and fools (usual week really), and Linda sparked some Antipodean fury.’
    • ‘Students, politicians and policy makers alike must recognise that there is no magical Antipodean discount in this cost-benefit equation.’


  • A person from Australia or New Zealand (used by inhabitants of the northern hemisphere)

    ‘a brisk Antipodean, she moved with speed and efficiency’
    • ‘But later this summer, Yorkshire will have to focus their attentions not on sending Australians packing but deciding which of their trio of Antipodeans they wish to keep on next season.’
    • ‘As for the Antipodeans working in the tourist industry, Lederer surely knows full well that they are mostly only working for peanut pocket money to top up substantial savings they made at home for their ‘holiday’ trips to Europe.’
    • ‘Unlike many Antipodeans, who come to Britain and France at the tail end of their careers to fund a retirement package, and who suffer motivational problems, Blades is likely to be fully focused on the job in hand.’
    • ‘Welcome to Walkabout, a sprawling multi-screened sports bar at the top of Renfield Street, and the only place to be for the West Coast's army of displaced Antipodeans.’
    • ‘And despite a drop in figures this year, she said between 16,000 and 20,000 Antipodeans could be living and working in Edinburgh alone.’
    • ‘The cooking and cleaning staff, mostly young British and Antipodeans, are free to join the classes as ‘work scholars’.’
    • ‘Ever wondered why so many Antipodeans are over here?’
    • ‘Nothing would please the Scots contingent more than to meet, and cuff, the Antipodeans in this year's final.’
    • ‘Dr Banks and his team found the genes of a sample of New Zealand Antipodeans were almost identical to those of people in an area of England where the Antipodeans are thought to have originated.’
    • ‘Or should that be, the loose alliance of Antipodeans who will be spending at least part of their summer in the same dressing-room.’
    • ‘Carlow have bolstered their generally locally-recruited fifteen with a smattering of Antipodeans.’
    • ‘Late in the seventeenth century, the poet Andrew Marvell pictured Antipodeans wearing shoes on their heads.’
    • ‘The Antipodeans have been known to sink a bevvy or two and let no one try to pretend the Americans are sober and well behaved.’
    • ‘Despite losing four wickets in the last five overs, the Antipodeans still managed to plunder 79 runs between overs 40 and 50.’
    • ‘Perhaps I could work in one of the venues, like the hundreds of other Antipodeans scattered across the city, selling tickets, selling beer.’
    • ‘This gave immense satisfaction to all the Poms present after Saturday's rugby disasters against the Antipodeans.’
    • ‘I overheard a conversation in a Jomtien bar in the week between two Antipodeans.’
    • ‘Rod Eddington is too polite to admit it in public but he has come across the typical Pom's reaction to an Antipodean.’


Mid 17th century formed irregularly from antipodes+ -an.