Meaning of Anzac biscuit in English:

Anzac biscuit


Australian, New Zealand
  • A sweet biscuit containing rolled oats and golden syrup.

    ‘she picked up a tin of Anzac biscuits from the supermarket’
    • ‘All staff were wearing 'digger' style hats and they gave away Anzac biscuits with every kebab.’
    • ‘They provided inexpensive soft drinks and even baked Anzac biscuits.’
    • ‘He sat in a chair in the kitchen as I baked ANZAC biscuits.’
    • ‘These were renamed as Anzac biscuits after the campaign at Gallipoli.’
    • ‘In this version of apple crumble, the topping tastes of crumbled Anzac biscuits.’
    • ‘They cooked up a feast of scones with jam and cream, fruit cake, sponge cake, and Anzac biscuits.’
    • ‘With Anzac biscuits and breakfast muffins, I entice children who need nourishment back to life again.’
    • ‘So I have sent a few jars of that, along with ANZAC biscuits, twisties, minties and a good supply of magazines.’
    • ‘Cooking a massive stack of Anzac biscuits for my workmates to devour tomorrow, and only burning a couple.’
    • ‘The crew all enjoyed some fresh-baked Anzac biscuits before diving again for the final leg of the passage.’