Meaning of April in English:


Pronunciation /ˈeɪpr(ɪ)l/

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  • The fourth month of the year, in the northern hemisphere usually considered the second month of spring.

    ‘the prison was to close in April’
    • ‘the show opens next April’
    • ‘April showers’
    • ‘What we looked at for month after month from July to April, was shiny lines on a black surface.’
    • ‘The centre would open from April to October each year and by appointment at other times.’
    • ‘One of the wettest and windiest Aprils in recent years has caused temperatures to drop so much the young birds are finding it unbearable.’
    • ‘My Aprils and Mays in recent years have consisted of reading daily stories linking us with any superstar who had heard of London.’
    • ‘In April last year he spent three consecutive nights in police cells for assaults on her.’
    • ‘April's patchiness means that the good rainfall Aprils are the now-and-again events.’
    • ‘Every April for the last ten years or so, the Revenue has sent me a tax return to complete.’
    • ‘The clematis have also been good this year with flowers from April until late October.’
    • ‘He's still the serious happy go lucky boy I met all those Aprils ago.’
    • ‘In April three others were banned for short periods for swapping or sharing drugs.’
    • ‘In April, all but two wards in York voted to contribute funds towards such officers.’
    • ‘In April, Daniel is scheduled to move on to Jamaica where is looking forward to a few days off.’
    • ‘In April police were called to calm residents at the home following a row over the right to smoke.’
    • ‘However, the following April he was diagnosed with a rare type of tumour on his new liver.’
    • ‘As April arrived the lake water level rose by a couple of feet after a sustained period of rain.’
    • ‘During April and May the weather was dry and warm when the red grouse lay their eggs.’
    • ‘The advice centre opened in April last year, and is the first of its kind in the country.’
    • ‘He was allocated a flat in April last year but was not discharged from hospital until July.’
    • ‘The best time to do this job is between April and June, immediately after flowering.’
    • ‘The rainy season can be iffy from April to July and the summers are extremely hot.’


Old English, from Latin Aprilis, perhaps from Etruscan.