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Pronunciation /əˈkwɛːrɪəm/

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nounaquaria, aquariums

  • 1A transparent tank of water in which live fish and other water creatures and plants are kept.

    ‘On the whole, it's a gift in the hands of those who were fed up of purchasing the typical type of aquaria with just water and fishes.’
    • ‘It is Goldfishes of all size, shape, and colour that were mostly found in the fresh water aquariums at the show.’
    • ‘The orchids were delicate and beautiful and the aquarium and aquatic plants awesome.’
    • ‘At another end of the exhibition floor, a sea water aquarium showed off fish which make their home on the Bucco Reef in Tobago.’
    • ‘This infection may occur in people exposed to contaminated water in aquariums or pools.’
    • ‘Some anglers run their own salt water aquariums to ensure a constant supply of eels throughout the season but believe me, that requires a lot of hard work and time devoted to it.’
    • ‘The article explained the structure and functions of sea water aquariums in domestic households.’
    • ‘She kept young largemouth bass in ten-litre aquariums filled with buckyball-contaminated water.’
    • ‘Storage aquaria had a constant water supply with nonfiltered seawater at ambient sea temperature.’
    • ‘The tubes were floated in 57 L plastic aquaria receiving flow-through sea water pumped directly from the ocean.’
    • ‘We transferred nymphs to glass aquaria containing stream water, for rearing.’
    • ‘If you have a saltwater tank or freshwater plant aquarium, just ignore me.’
    • ‘Plants were randomized within the aquaria, and re-randomized following a water change.’
    • ‘The grinning Michael beckoned me over the side and we stepped into a shallow aquarium of sun-warmed transparency.’
    • ‘Beginning May 1, he will live seven days under water, trapped inside a human aquarium.’
    • ‘We got a beautiful aquarium and everything to go with it from fish and plant friendly chemicals to plants and rocks.’
    • ‘Unless you are rather experienced at maintaining a salt water aquarium, forget it.’
    • ‘Hermit crabs want to live free in the sunshine, not bottled up in aquariums.’
    • ‘A layer of gravel covered the bottom of the aquaria, and terracotta pots were placed in each tank to allow establishment and maintenance of male territories.’
    • ‘A temperature of 28 to 32 degree Celsius was maintained in the aquarium and the fish adapted to it.’
    aquarium, bowl
    1. 1.1A building containing tanks of live fish of different species.
      ‘Tour seven aquariums, housing such species as Atlantic stingrays, sea horses, crabs, blennies, flounder, and puffer fish.’
      • ‘In Swakopmund the ministry is located in the double-storey beach-front building next to the aquarium.’
      • ‘Up to that point, traditional aquariums offered views of segregated species through small fish tank windows.’
      • ‘The foundation, which helps make the dreams of poorly boys and girls come true, arranged for Chloe to meet some dolphins at an aquarium in Benidorm.’
      • ‘I also like going to aquariums and being able to observe different fish; the bluefin, or yellowtail, is an awesome design, very sleek and fast.’
      • ‘As well as an ideas sharing forum the conference is also a hub for marine research and conservation and includes experts who advise zoos and aquariums how to breed endangered species in captivity.’
      • ‘At the nearby aquarium, the children were awestruck by the different kinds of fish.’
      • ‘I just do not support anyone that enslaves or kills non-human animals for profit, such as slaughterhouses, research facilities, circuses or animal prisons - aquariums and zoos.’
      • ‘What messages are children taking away from zoos, animal parks and aquariums?’
      • ‘Nickie works at an aquarium as a dolphin trainer and speeds around town on his super-sweet motorcycle.’
      • ‘He was much more at home in rumpled khakis or a wet suit and in the aquarium with the dolphins.’
      • ‘Therefore, we encourage others to study molt in alcids and other seabirds by collaborating with zoos, aquaria, and others around the world that house such species.’
      • ‘The maintenance of species in captivity in zoos, aquaria, and botanic gardens is sometimes called ex situ conservation.’
      • ‘I could finally see all the spectacular fish, corals, and associated animals that I've seen in aquariums and on TV all my life.’
      • ‘Clear acrylic tunnels through the aquariums would allow visitors to see the animals.’
      • ‘Among the strait's most impressive creatures is the beautiful sea pen, and these beautiful animals are often displayed in public aquariums.’
      • ‘They abhor hunters and fishermen, and want animals out of research labs, circuses, and aquariums.’
      • ‘In 1843 a reptile house was opened, an aquarium in 1853, and an insect house in 1881.’
      • ‘In the dream I have a job working at a sort of aquarium / waterworld place with dolphins and stuff.’
      • ‘We were walking through the aquarium, glass fish tanks surrounding us on all sides.’


Mid 19th century from Latin, neuter of aquarius ‘of water’, on the pattern of vivarium.