Meaning of Arabize in English:


Pronunciation /ˈarəbʌɪz/


(also British Arabise)
[with object]
  • Give (someone or something) an Arab or Arabic character.

    ‘the northerners have attempted to Arabize the country and to promote Arabic’
    • ‘they'll be Arabizing their content in the near future’
    • ‘The Arab invasion in the 7th century brought with it many Arab soldiers who settled there and who slowly Arabized the country and converted most of its inhabitants to Islam.’
    • ‘In its street forms, rai operates in France to keep a community of former North African residents connected; in Algeria it operated for a time as a Berber nationalist medium against the Islamicizing, Arabizing currents.’
    • ‘Most Arabs in that area had been settled there in an attempt to Arabize the north.’
    • ‘If the government insisted on a unitary state that would Islamize and Arabize the entire country, the south would demand independence.’
    • ‘‘Arabizing the Internet: IT technology, a future market for growth, ’.’
    • ‘With their political dominance, the northerners have attempted to Arabize the country and to promote Arabic, at the expense of French, in the educational system.’
    • ‘Some claim that the term ‘Divan’ is an Arabized Persian word while AI-Kalkashandy argued that it is an Arabic word.’
    • ‘For decades, the Party actively tried to Arabize much of the country.’
    • ‘Other parts of the country are also being Arabised, they say, but not to the same degree.’
    • ‘The pressure to Arabize was resisted by Berber population groups, such as the Kabyles, the Chaouia, the Tuareg, and the Mzabt.’