Meaning of Arthurian in English:


Pronunciation /ɑːˈθjʊərɪən/

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  • Relating to or characteristic of the legendary King Arthur of Britain, or any of the stories of his life.

    ‘the Arthurian literary tradition’
    • ‘At one end there'll be a replica of Glastonbury Tor, the ancient site in Somerset which is linked to Arthurian legend.’
    • ‘This is Arthurian epic at its best-filled with romance, adventure, authentic Dark Ages detail, and wonderfully human people.’
    • ‘Attanasio mixes Arthurian lore with Norse gods, modern physics and sundry faerie creatures in this literary, passionate novel.’
    • ‘Padel provides a survey of medieval Welsh literary references to Arthur and emphasizes their importance to Arthurian studies as a whole.’
    • ‘A groundbreaking contribution to Arthurian scholarship, this volume should be essential reading for all students of the corpus.’
    • ‘Henry VIII commissioned his own round table and placed at its centre, alongside the names of the Arthurian knights, the Tudor rose and a portrait of Arthur.’
    • ‘After this they really got into faeries, mythology, Hinduism, Buddhism, Arthurian romance, and the Bible.’
    • ‘The journey ends up being an Arthurian quest, while also representing the 12 stations of recovery.’
    • ‘These tales were set in different eras ranging from Arthurian times to the Crusades, in Carthage, the Boer War and in Australia.’