Meaning of BBC English in English:

BBC English

Pronunciation /biːbiːsiˈɪŋlɪʃ/

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mass noun
  • A form of standard spoken English associated with BBC announcers.

    ‘they have chosen not to abandon the speech patterns of their region for the blander cadences of BBC English’
    • ‘He writes these magnificent sweeping sentences in this wonderful old BBC English that nobody actually speaks anymore.’
    • ‘I have never heard Ms Grant speak and I do not know or care if her accent is cut-glass BBC English, Scouse or Glaswegian.’
    • ‘So, since Shakespearean nobles did not uphold the standards of today's BBC English, they must have had no standards at all, right?’
    • ‘Not coincidentally, the early twentieth-century BBC radio announcers were required to wear dinner jackets for their evening broadcasts, while disseminating the news in their correct BBC English.’
    • ‘Because traditional BBC English sounded too bossy, she has a ‘mid-Atlantic’ accent.’
    • ‘Members of the centre are granted access to BBC English teaching materials as well as BBC videos on its premises.’
    • ‘As I understand it, traditional BBC English, in contrast, is perceived by most people as being a marked value.’
    • ‘This special race, in aid of BBC Sport Relief, will feature 14 mascots representing each of the BBC English regions.’