Meaning of Boolean in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbuːlɪən/


  • Denoting a system of algebraic notation used to represent logical propositions by means of the binary digits 0 (false) and 1 (true), especially in computing and electronics.

    ‘Indeed, today, all computers are based on Boolean algebra, another example that mathematics is often a hundred years ahead of its time.’
    • ‘It began the algebra of logic called Boolean algebra which now finds application in computer construction, switching circuits etc.’
    • ‘Then in 1934 he published two papers on Boolean algebras.’
    • ‘He continued his work showing how Boolean algebra could be used to synthesise and simplify relay switching circuits.’
    • ‘It was based on using Boolean algebra with computer circuitry.’
    • ‘The program gives the user plenty of 3D tools including true Boolean operations.’
    • ‘He did this in particular with submarine attack and navigation, employing Boolean algebra.’
    • ‘In addition to his work on semigroups, number theory and finite fields, Schwarz contributed to the theory of non-negative and Boolean matrices.’
    • ‘As an example, consider the AND function from Boolean algebra.’
    • ‘During this time he published three papers on Boolean logic and one on probability.’
    • ‘Fundamental to these operations are electronic gates for handling Boolean logic.’
    • ‘Table 6 shows actors' strategies transformed into Boolean equations.’
    • ‘You can use Boolean functions to create custom objects by adding, subtracting, or intersecting two objects together.’
    • ‘We want to get rid of all this Boolean query stuff.’
    • ‘Only one participant used explicit Boolean operators (in this case ‘AND’).’
    • ‘Developing a search strategy (choosing relevant terms and applying Boolean logic) before beginning a search is the single most important step in searching.’
    • ‘One of the more interesting things that you can do with Boolean gates is to create memory with them.’
    • ‘Search can now handle full-nested Boolean queries.’
    • ‘Devoting resources to Boolean training for their employees and to an assisted search interface for their website could be a valuable investment.’
    • ‘Previously, users could construct limited Boolean queries using drop-down menus.’


  • A binary variable that can have one of two possible values, 0 (false) or 1 (true).

    ‘The full Boolean is available from the main page search box and supports nesting.’
    • ‘Its search defaults to a Boolean AND and supports phrase searching with quotation marks.’
    • ‘There are two types of options, Boolean (true/false) options and those that take a value.’
    • ‘Another general algebraic notion which applies to Boolean algebras is the notion of a free algebra.’