Meaning of Canadian tuxedo in English:

Canadian tuxedo


humorous North American
  • A denim jacket worn with a pair of jeans.

    ‘if you can wear denim to the office, then you can wear a Canadian tuxedo’
    • ‘Canadians may enjoy the snatches of cross-border jokes (a denim jacket is referred to as a "Canadian tuxedo").’
    • ‘The Sports Illustrated model was seen walking her pet pooch in the Big Apple in a Canadian tuxedo.’
    • ‘A regular Canadian tuxedo (aka head-to-toe blue jean) is a nod to Ryan's home country.’
    • ‘Clad in a denim bikini under an oversized, spangled and shredded Canadian tuxedo, the 21-year-old pop star thrashed and line-danced all over the stage.’
    • ‘Brad also chatted about his three favorite fashion trends this summer: prints, neon and denim on denim, otherwise known as the Canadian tuxedo!’
    • ‘"Canadian tuxedo party," she wrote, referencing their denim-on-denim ensembles.’
    • ‘it's hard to put our finger on exactly why we love this odd, inexplicable mix of oversized Madness T-shirts, Canadian tuxedos and extra-long bomber jackets, but we just do.’
    • ‘Dressed in his finest Canadian tuxedo, he greeted everyone with a smile and a hug.’
    • ‘The way to make your denim-on-denim a little more elevated than the average Canadian tuxedo is with cooler accessories.’
    • ‘We've put together eight denim-on-denim looks that are a bit of a departure from the traditional Canadian tuxedo.’