Meaning of challah in English:


nounplural noun challahs, plural noun chalot, plural noun chaloth/xɑːˈlɒt/

  • A plaited loaf of white leavened bread, traditionally baked to celebrate the Jewish sabbath.

    ‘At the Jewish New Year the challah is baked in a circle, symbolizing the cyclical nature of life.’
    • ‘She brought two bags full of kosher food: grape juice to make Kiddush, challahs, a virtual smorgasbord of goodies, and - this was Texas, after all - a juicy, kosher steak.’
    • ‘I think he and I both know I could no sooner bake a challah than train an elephant - and I don't really want to attempt either.’
    • ‘Before he passed away a few years ago, he gave me his hoard of recipes, including authentic New York cheesecake, bagels, rye, pumpernickel, challah, cole slaw and many others.’
    • ‘The elderly woman, Mrs. Geller, would bake a fresh loaf of Shabbat challah for us every Friday - even though the temperature in her non-air-conditioned kitchen must have been extremely high.’
    • ‘But Shabbat was coming in a few hours, and our homemade challahs and other delicacies were in the trunk.’
    • ‘I'm baking challah from scratch, going to the park, singing and reading to my children.’
    • ‘It might be how to bake challah, how to pick a spouse, or how to love humanity.’
    • ‘Next time we go, I'll order the chai-infused French toast kabobs or the jelly doughnut pancakes and Mara can get the buffalo sausage and garlic challah.’
    • ‘Just in case, we arranged for a rabbi to be here to conduct the meal and I cooked a little, and we left challah, salads, drinks, and provisions.’
    • ‘I read and I cried, especially when I read: ‘Please make my challah rise.’’
    • ‘I'm so scared of showing up that day and hitting myself in the forehead - We forgot to order the challah!’
    • ‘I was eating challah, and Til came by to say hello, sniffed my challah, and grabbed off a huge piece and ate it.’
    • ‘So, when next Saturday arrived, I was prepared with two loaves of challah, plenty of eggs, buttermilk, and, having looked up different recipes for French toast, a cup of crushed corn flakes for a crunchy crust.’
    • ‘Praise was showered upon me for the cardamom coffee cake, challah, rolls, pesto pizza, etc… (Stay with me, I promise there is a point to this story).’
    • ‘It makes me want to cover my hair and improve my middos and get out my challah recipe all at once.’
    • ‘An early design, whose surfaces resembled the braided strands of challah, was simplified, but the outside still flows in mesmerizing lines that morph from a complex base, through a simple shaft, to the exfoliating top.’
    • ‘For breakfast try the six-sliced French toast, an assortment of honey cinnamon raisin, roasted walnut raisin, and challah served with maple syrup.’
    • ‘I'm breakfasting on vanilla tea and toasted challah as I write this, enjoying the temporary quiet of a Sunday morning in NYC.’
    • ‘Her visceral description of baking challah every Friday makes it clear that to end this habit would leave a real void.’



/ˈhɑːlə/ /xɑːˈlɑː/


From Hebrew ḥallah.