Meaning of chancre in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃaŋkə/


  • A painless ulcer, particularly one that develops on the genitals in venereal disease.

    ‘Primary syphilis is most often associated with a single, painless chancre, although it can manifest in other ways (i.e., multiple chancres, painful papules or ulcers, or no lesions).’
    • ‘The subject developed, firstly, the typical gleet of gonorrhoea, then went on to produce a chancre and then the manifestations of secondary syphilis.’
    • ‘In addition to leprosy, foreigners seeking work permits are now required to be tested for tuberculosis and the sexually transmitted diseases syphilis, chlamydia and chancres.’
    • ‘Secondary syphilis develops several weeks to months after the chancre appears.’
    • ‘The first symptom to appear is a painless chancre at the point of the microbe's entry - it is in contact with these chancres that transmission occurs.’
    sore, ulceration, open sore, abscess, boil, carbuncle, pustule, blister, cyst, gumboil, wen


Late 16th century from French, from Latin cancer ‘creeping ulcer’.