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proper noun

  • An industrial city in the west Midlands of England; population 271,100 (est. 2009).



/ˈkɒv(ə)ntri/ /ˈkʌv(ə)ntri/


    send someone to Coventry
    mainly British
    • Refuse to associate with or speak to someone.

      ‘some people ignore and send to Coventry individuals they disapprove of’
      • ‘She was secretly filmed by colleagues, who then sent her to Coventry during a campaign of victimisation.’
      • ‘He's obviously intrigued but trying hard not to sound too keen in case the other fogeys at the paper send him to Coventry.’
      • ‘Jesse apologised to me for lying to me and I apologised to him for having sent him to Coventry for two days.’
      • ‘He is a man who would send you to Coventry for five days if you made a remark about Stalin.’
      • ‘You don't necessarily have to send them to Coventry, you don't have to physically remove themselves from yourself.’


      Mid 18th century sometimes said to stem from the extreme unpopularity of soldiers stationed in Coventry, who were cut off socially by the citizens, or because Royalist prisoners were sent there during the English Civil War, the city being staunchly Parliamentarian.