Meaning of Gleichschaltung in English:



mass noun
  • The standardization of political, economic, and social institutions as carried out in authoritarian states.

    ‘For most of the British population today, the notion that people could solve many of the problems of society without governmental Gleichschaltung is completely alien.’
    • ‘Blomberg consistently promoted what he called this Gleichschaltung with the National Socialist philosophy until his dismissal at the end of January 1938.’
    • ‘The general process of Gleichschaltung concentrated the effective political and military power in the hands of Hitler to a degree unknown in Germany since the days of Frederick the Great.’
    • ‘However, the association succumbed to Gleichschaltung in the hopes of maintaining a voice in educational policy.’



/ˈɡlʌɪxˌʃaltʊŋ/ /ˈɡlaɪçˌʃaltʊŋ/


German, from gleich ‘same’ + schalten ‘force or bring into line’.