Meaning of herpes zoster in English:

herpes zoster

Pronunciation /ˈzɒstə/


mass noun
medical name for shingles
‘Pain is the most debilitating feature of herpes zoster, and postherpetic neuralgia is the most common long-term complication.’
  • ‘Topical corticosteroids are often recommended in addition to oral antiviral agents to help reduce the pain and inflammation of herpes zoster.’
  • ‘The study shows that the clinical course of herpes zoster is relatively benign and that postherpetic neuralgia rarely affects daily life.’
  • ‘The treatment of herpes zoster has three major objectives: treatment of the acute viral infection, treatment of the acute pain associated with herpes zoster and prevention of postherpetic neuralgia.’
  • ‘Initial differential diagnoses included herpes zoster and systemic lupus erythematosis, but it became clear that this was photosensitivity induced by oral doxycycline.’
  1. 1.1A herpesvirus that causes shingles and chickenpox.
    ‘Primary varicella infection can often be prevented or at least limited by administration of the varicella vaccine within 72 hours of exposure to chickenpox or herpes zoster.’
    • ‘Doctors should exclude well established causes of skin necrosis, including herpes zoster, staphylococcal skin infections, and syphilitic chancre, before implicating arthropods at all.’
    • ‘In facial palsies caused by herpes simplex virus or herpes zoster virus there remains a strong correlation between the peak severity of the palsy and the outcome.’
    • ‘Infection with herpes zoster caused by a reactivation of varicella virus dormant in dorsal root ganglia is also common in older adults.’
    • ‘Eight per cent of patients with HIV had herpes zoster.’


Late Middle English from herpes and Latin zoster, from Greek zōstēr ‘girdle, shingles’.