Meaning of Hong Kongese in English:

Hong Kongese

Pronunciation /ˌhɒŋ kɒŋˈiːz/

nounplural noun Hong Kongese

  • A native or inhabitant of Hong Kong.

    ‘the new generation of Hong Kongese are interested in style, culture, and fashion’
    • ‘I am a Hong Kongese who has lived in the United States for ten years’
    • ‘After immigrating, many Hong Kongese have elected to return to Hong Kong.’
    • ‘With over 2,600,000 downloads on mobile, it is known to be the best choice for Hong Kongese by bringing useful local information together into one place.’
    • ‘"It's not unusual for Hong Kongese to immigrate after school," he says.’
    • ‘It seems like every time you speak to a Hong-Kongese, the subject of property is bound to surface at some point or another in the conversation.’
    • ‘Canada has become an important destination for some Hong Kongese.’


  • Relating to Hong Kong or its inhabitants.

    ‘a group of Hong Kongese businessmen’
    • ‘These restaurants started to spring up during the 1960s, as Hong Kongese incomes began to rise and locals became interested in Western-style food.’
    • ‘Old Town does Hong Kongese food.’
    • ‘He is Hong Kongese to the bone now.’
    • ‘Although this was a very short period, some Hong Kongese bands, such as Tai Chi, Grass Hopper, and Beyond, became influential.’
    • ‘He is married to a Hong Kongese woman.’
    • ‘Culturally and historically, those who identified themselves as Hongkongese or Chinese both felt proud of their Chinese heritage.’
    • ‘Born in San Francisco to Hong Kongese parents, he starred in many Hong-Kong and Hollywood produced movies.’
    • ‘Let's not forget the opulent restaurant favoured by Hong Kongese high-rollers.’
    • ‘For a more traditional Hong Kongese lunch, dim sum is compulsory.’