Meaning of Hongkonger in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhɒŋˈkɒŋə/


  • A native or inhabitant of Hong Kong.

    ‘more than 740,000 Hongkongers visited Japan last year’
    • ‘He is a Hongkonger working for the Straits Times.’
    • ‘Desserts are definitely part of a Hongkonger's life as the place is littered with dessert shops.’
    • ‘He pledged to probe into any unfair treatment Hongkongers might receive abroad or on the mainland.’
    • ‘Most Hongkongers will be forced to dip into their savings or call on financial support of their families during serious illness or accidents.’
    • ‘Hongkongers are accustomed to a high level of performance from the civil service.’
    • ‘Hongkongers consumed nearly 24 tonnes of diet pills and other weight-loss potions in 2001.’
    • ‘As a Hongkonger myself, I am very much used to such scenes.’
    • ‘Albert Poon was the first Hongkonger to win the Grand Prix in his Lotus Type 23, finishing the race in three hours 40 minutes and 44.2 seconds.’
    • ‘The Hong Konger turned the tide in the second set, relying on her serve-and-volley style to level proceedings.’
    • ‘So, how much does a Hongkonger need to retire comfortably?’
    • ‘Despite seeing friends lose their lives to the mountains, one Hongkonger is facing his fears - and has just conquered Mount Everest for a second time.’