Meaning of I'll in English:


Pronunciation /ʌɪl/

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  • I shall; I will.

    ‘I'll arrange it’
    • ‘As a matter of principle, I will refuse to pay - but hold on, I'll have to go to prison.’
    • ‘I'll be visiting my family first of all but I'll be spending Christmas Day with my fiancée.’
    • ‘On Saturday I'll be in Lofer, which is where the British snowboarding team keeps its base.’
    • ‘For Scotland we want to get to a major tournament and I'll be doing my best until that eventually happens.’
    • ‘People of my generation are more open; I'll tell my friends all kinds of personal stuff.’
    • ‘Probably within the next couple of weeks, I'll be able to run the length of this room.’
    • ‘Hopefully I'll have some time to blog something remotely interesting this week.’
    • ‘Today I'll just sit in my office with my feet well under my desk and pray no one asks me to do anything that involves moving!’
    • ‘I was pretty pleased with it and there aren't so many words that I'll be forgetting them on the night.’
    • ‘I'm secretly looking forward to it, but don't tell them, I'll never hear the end of it!’
    • ‘Maybe tonight when I am not too tired to fight it out I'll try to figure it out again.’
    • ‘How he expected to drive through all those trees to get to the shelter I'll never know.’
    • ‘To save you the suspense, I'll tell you now that it is not going to unfold as planned.’
    • ‘But when they go off to play football, I'll head off with Jeff to do some more work with him.’
    • ‘To be brutally economic, if my death is prevented, I'll continue to earn money and pay taxes.’
    • ‘I'll have to start saving all over again and who knows when I'll get to see her.’
    • ‘I can't help but wonder what the house I'll always call home will be like on Christmas Day.’
    • ‘This is exactly my view on immigration and asylum, with one important caveat that I'll come to.’
    • ‘Frankly by Monday you guys are going to have forgotten all of this and I'll get on with my job.’
    • ‘After it's published I'll maybe change a few of the words and post it up here.’