Meaning of impotency in English:



See impotence

‘The most common health problem former athletes experience, however, is impotency.’
  • ‘He lists some useful suggestions for rectifying citizens' political impotency.’
  • ‘Doctors believe that mental trauma due to shock is responsible for his impotency.’
  • ‘Rhino horn was never used in traditional Chinese culture to treat impotency.’
  • ‘Almost every man at some point in his life will experience temporary, situational impotency.’
  • ‘The inability of governments to maintain fixed exchange rates in the face of opposing market forces is only further proof of their impotency.’
  • ‘He also had experienced intermittent problems with impotency for the last 10 years of their marriage.’
  • ‘The peacekeepers have suffered after-effects due to their impotency in Srebrenica.’
  • ‘It is deplorable that the government's impotency in dealing with illegal labor movements has given union workers a presumptuous belief in bullying tactics.’
  • ‘You can convince yourself that you are helping him and thus avoid the feeling of impotency.’