Main meanings of jap in English

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Pronunciation /dʒap/

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verbjaps, japping, japped

[no object]Scottish, Northern Irish
  • (of a liquid) spatter or splash over a surface.

    ‘the boiling water is japping from the spout’
    • ‘Over the years the mesh had become clogged with flour dust and fat japped from the pan.’
    • ‘My white socks grew grubby as the backs of my legs were japped with muddy water.’
    • ‘Her skin was scattered with more freckles than a japped windscreen.’
    • ‘His pride and joy will be sitting bobbing about on its mooring happy to be released from its winter storage, itching to get its decks japped.’
    • ‘The bacon spluttered, and he licked his gravy-japped finger.’
    • ‘The water boils suddenly, hissing and japping into the flames.’


Early 18th century originally Scots, of imitative origin.

Main meanings of Jap in English

: jap1Jap2


Pronunciation /dʒap/

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  • A contemptuous term for a Japanese person.


  • Japanese.