Meaning of Kleenex in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkliːnɛks/

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nounplural noun Kleenex, plural noun Kleenexes

  • An absorbent disposable paper tissue.

    ‘Everyone in the audience seemed to be reaching for a Kleenex, or wiping their eyes on their sleeves by the end.’
    • ‘Six hours later, I was in floods of tears and reaching blurry-eyed for the Kleenex.’
    • ‘She wiped her eyes with the Kleenex he offered her and watched as he went to the kitchen.’
    • ‘No, clearly everything is not fine, because your eyes are all red and you used up all these Kleenexes.’
    • ‘Stacey pulled a Kleenex from the box beside her bed and dabbed at her eyes.’