Meaning of LOL in English:


(also lol)

Pronunciation /lɒl/ /ɛləʊˈɛl/

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  • Used to draw attention to a joke or amusing statement, or to express amusement.

    • ‘I love how you said ‘coffee is not my cup of tea’. LOL!’
    • ‘Well, you asked for it lol.’
    • ‘His mother is one of my teachers. lol.’
    • ‘lol i think thats a gr8 title personally!’
    • ‘Crisps, chocolate and biscuits are a must in our house lol.’
    • ‘LOL, this is an email which has been floating around on the 'net for quite awhile.’
    • ‘Hehehahaha LOL what a riot!’
    • ‘LOL whatever that virus is, I have it too.’
    • ‘We had originally thought we could put together a viable project in 6 months (LOL).’
    • ‘LOL, that was a hilarious story.’
    • ‘Keep up the good work guys (lol).’
    • ‘That's so cool that you got to ride on an elephant, lol!’
    • ‘This week alone I haven't gotten home earlier than 6 lol.’
    • ‘I'll try my best to make it seem like I'm not … because, well, I'm really not, lol.’
    • ‘I've no clue whether the last chapter or this make sense … but I hope they do, lol!’
    • ‘And Johnny most likely got his good looks from some other relative, lol.’
    • ‘I think the translator confused spirit with alcohol LOL!’
    • ‘Mmmmm, I probably shouldn't go into details, LOL.’
    • ‘LOL … I feel like a kid in a candy shop.’
    • ‘I'm pretty upbeat, and have been described as a "sometimes goth chick" before, LOL.’
    • ‘You know you've been out of school a long time when the thought of your first reading assignment gets you all excited - LOL.’

verbLOLs, LOLing, LOL'd, LOLed

[no object]informal
  • Laugh audibly or be amused.

    • ‘I literally LOL'd when the updates popped up’
    • ‘I was LOLing at the teeny tiny little sign’


1980s abbreviation of laughing out loud or laugh out loud.