Meaning of Likert scale in English:

Likert scale

Pronunciation /ˈlʌɪkət/


  • A scale used to represent people's attitudes to a topic.

    ‘The authors chose to use the original Likert scaling because the Likert scale preserves more information.’
    • ‘A Likert scale was used to assess the extent of pain experienced on return to the ward in the day case group and on return home in the outpatient group.’
    • ‘This information was also recorded simultaneously and was answered on a five-point scale, like a Likert scale.’
    • ‘Both a visual analog scale and a Likert scale were used to assess the severity of nausea.’
    • ‘Global ratings for parent and child behavior were completed by the observers after viewing the entire interaction sequence, using 7-point Likert scales (where 1 = not at all, and 7 = very much).’


1940s named after Rensis Likert (1903–81), American psychologist.