Meaning of Limey in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlʌɪmi/

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nounplural noun Limeys

informal, mainly derogatory
  • A British person.

    • ‘Well done especially to the Limeys, whose robot sub cut the Russian submersible free from the wires that had trapped it.’
    • ‘Some used lime juice which explains why English sailors are called Limeys.’
    • ‘Kuschka was called a turncoat, a Limey, an English-lover and several names that are too ugly to repeat.’
    • ‘I could see the Limeys weren't in a mood to share - information, I mean.’
    • ‘The latter incident turned out differently than my paternal flyboy expected with the Limeys turned their guns toward the annoying Americans.’


Late 19th century from lime+ -y, because of the former enforced consumption of lime juice in the British navy.