Meaning of Literae Humaniores in English:

Literae Humaniores

Pronunciation /ˌlɪtərʌɪ hjuːˌmanɪˈɔːriːz/

plural noun

treated as singular
  • The honours course in classics, philosophy, and ancient history at Oxford University.

    ‘So he returned to undergraduate studies and two years later submitted to examination in literae humaniores [classics and philosophy] and acquired for the second time a first class honours degree, one of the best in his year.’
    • ‘He received first class honors in classical moderations and literae humaniores and, upon graduation, was elected to a Fellowship of University College, Oxford.’
    • ‘In 1865 Bradley entered University College, Oxford, as a Scholar, getting a first in classical moderations in 1867 but only an unexpected second in literae humaniores in 1869.’


Latin, literally ‘the more humane studies’.