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Pronunciation /ˈluːθ(ə)rən/

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  • 1A follower of Martin Luther.

    ‘The region was a mixture of Calvinists, Lutherans, Catholics and Anabaptists.’
    • ‘But as the Sea Beggars got stronger, they started to persecute Catholics, Anabaptists and Lutherans.’
    • ‘In the post-Reformation period the church divided into Calvinist, Lutheran, and Anabaptist camps, and the issue has gone unresolved until the present day.’
    • ‘To contrast the witness with those in the mixture is simply to restate the difference between Anabaptist and Lutheran.’
    • ‘The Calvinists also thought the Lutherans were too docile politically, and the Lutherans accused the Calvinists of resisting the legitimate Prince.’
    • ‘Catholics, along with Lutherans and Calvinists in Europe, fiercely persecuted the Anabaptists, and for four hundred years there had been few efforts at reconciliation.’
    • ‘Baptists, Swedish and Dutch Lutherans, Dutch Calvinists, and a handful of Catholics also worshiped there.’
    • ‘These Lutherans were pietist and puritanical, expecting the imminent apocalypse.’
    • ‘Some smaller, more radical religious groups claimed that the Lutherans and Calvinists had not gone far enough in reforming Christianity.’
    • ‘As the Orthodox advanced their theosis theology the Lutherans began to sense that very similar ideas were present in Luther's theology.’
    • ‘The Pietists in the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were a good deal less interested than the orthodox Lutherans in Luther as a teacher of true doctrine.’
    • ‘In their reaction to what they saw as papal arrogance, Luther and early Lutherans said that since the time of the apostles no one person had a mandate for carrying out the universal mission of God.’
    • ‘The fact that Luther is what I have called ‘alive’ has invited many good Lutherans to become more ‘Lutheran’ than Luther himself.’
    • ‘There was not a word or phrase that would have suggested that Luther not only wasn't a Lutheran, he wasn't even a Christian or believer of any kind at all.’
    • ‘To protect their understanding of Christian freedom, these Lutherans refused to be compelled in matters of church usages when the secular arm of authority was forcing the issue.’
    • ‘Among them were the heat, drought, frost, floods, loneliness, isolation, lack of medical facilities and money and last but not least doctrinal differences among the Lutherans themselves.’
    • ‘Roman Catholics, Calvinists, and Lutherans together constituted slightly over 90 percent of all religious affiliations of Hungarian Americans.’
    • ‘It may also be worth noting that his theology and his ‘reverence for life’ ethic were considered too ‘spacious’ by many of his fellow Lutherans!’
    • ‘Of special interest for Lutherans is the constructive potential of Jewish-Christian dialogue to contribute to our understanding of the relationship between law and gospel.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the Lutherans felt very frustrated by the orthodox wing of the Dutch Reformed Church, which tried to minimize the Lutheran influence.’
    Nonconformist, Protestant, freethinker, recusant
    1. 1.1A member of the Lutheran Church.
      ‘Among Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Disciples of Christ, and Methodists, an infant is baptized into the body of believers and of Christ by sprinkling water on its head.’
      • ‘Although most ethnic Hungarians belong to the Reformed church, Lutherans constitute the country's largest Protestant denomination.’
      • ‘Those who remained religious fell into three separate groups: Laestadians, Lutherans, and free church Protestants.’
      • ‘As Lutherans we believe Jesus Christ is the integrative center of Scripture and its definitive interpreter.’
      • ‘In a document in 2000, he labelled other Christian churches as deficient - shocking Anglicans, Lutherans and other Protestants in ecumenical dialogue with Rome for years.’
      • ‘The Evangelical Church is a unified Protestant church, which combines Lutherans, Reformed Protestants, and United Protestants.’
      • ‘Lithuania is mainly Roman Catholic, with some Lutherans and a few members of other churches.’
      • ‘Clearly, many Lutherans see full communion with the Episcopal Church as a costly decision that threatens Lutheran identity.’
      • ‘I believe Presbyterians and Methodists and Lutherans, too, would recognize it as part of their baggage.’
      • ‘Similarly, Lutherans agreed to the Anglican practice of ordination by a bishop, not a pastor.’
      • ‘The Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Mormons all have impressive emergency relief works after major events.’
      • ‘Other important denominations include Roman Catholics, Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, and Anglicans, the last led by Nobel Peace Prize winner Bishop Desmond Tutu.’
      • ‘Perhaps most important, in many urban and rural areas where churches are struggling, Episcopalians and Lutherans will be able to have joint congregations served by a pastor or priest of either body.’
      • ‘As far as Christianity is concerned, the four so-called ‘mother’ churches are the Lutheran, Reformed, Roman Catholic and Anglican churches.’
      • ‘The largest denominations are Evangelical Lutherans and Greek Catholics.’
      • ‘The long-term hope is for the sharing of the Eucharist between Lutherans and Catholics.’
      • ‘Zionists aren't Lutherans or Catholics, so let's be blunt about what you said.’
      • ‘These texts are themselves the focus of a liturgical life that Lutherans and Catholics (and Anglicans and Orthodox and, to varying degrees, other Protestants) largely share.’
      • ‘The last named has been adopted by the Lutheran, Reformed tradition, and Methodist Churches that had previously developed a lectionary of their own.’


  • 1Of or characterized by the theology of Martin Luther.

    ‘There's that understanding of the Word of God, and the performative, effectual nature of the Word of God, which under-girds Lutheran theology and Lutheran worship and Bach's music.’
    • ‘Where are the limits and weaknesses of Lutheran theology?’
    • ‘Compatible, perhaps, with a Lutheran theology of the cross, Peters's view of the cosmic dance is cruciform.’
    • ‘This dimension of a theology of the cross must be viewed within a Lutheran theology in which God values life and creation.’
    • ‘Barth was more heavily influenced by the Lutheran theology of Harnack and Herrmann in his student years.’
    • ‘He opposed Lutheran theology and, fatally, the English throne's break with Rome.’
    • ‘You've actually quoted Christor Stendhal a few times in your work, the Lutheran minister and theologian at Harvard University, and he's been of course very active in religious dialogue for decades.’
    • ‘This reality emerged in theological discussions that the Finnish Lutheran theologians have had with the Russian Orthodox Church.’
    • ‘Then the author shows the ‘evangelical conversion of the Catholic Canon Law’ and how Lutheran theologians and jurists linked the use of this converted law to all phases of life.’
    • ‘The gradual adoption of Lutheran theology in the course of the sixteenth century eliminated the doctrine of purgatory and demanded a restructuring of beliefs concerning the afterlife and the fate of dead bodies.’
    • ‘Moe-Lobeda succeeds in showing that an accurate reading of Lutheran theology poses a moral challenge to the everyday life of affluent Americans.’
    • ‘I am a Lutheran theologian with considerable sympathy for the horizon shared by Lutherans and Roman Catholics.’
    • ‘Simultaneously, Cranach continued to produce altarpieces and devotional images reflecting Lutheran theology.’
    • ‘The idea for such a foundation and conference has been a topic of conversation among theologians and ecumenists for five years, with Lutheran theologian Robert Jenson serving as a key organizer.’
    • ‘The release announces a new book by Lutheran theologians Gordon Lathrop and Timothy Wengert on the ‘marks’ of the true Church.’
    • ‘He is a theologically reflective Lutheran layman who has through the years strengthened his support for our Christian heritage.’
    • ‘George A. Lindbeck is a Lutheran theologian and professor emeritus of the Yale Divinity School.’
    • ‘How does Lutheran theology differ from Reformed-Calvinistic theology?’
    • ‘And so far as religion is concerned, it has had a direct and significant impact, in particular being seen by certain Lutheran theologians as lending fresh force and impetus to the tradition to which they belong.’
    • ‘However, since he was unable to stay to supervise the printing he asked Andreas Osiander, a Lutheran theologian with considerable experience of printing mathematical texts, to undertake the task.’
    1. 1.1Relating to the Lutheran Church.
      ‘In the Lutheran churches with which Anglicans are now in full communion, confirmation-laying on of hands-has historically been administered by presbyters.’
      • ‘Anglican and Lutheran churches in Canada have approved a full communion agreement modeled on a similar accord drafted by their sister churches in the United States.’
      • ‘The substantial differences between Calvinist / Reformed and Lutheran views divided Protestants in England as much as on the continent.’
      • ‘I took my 3-year-old nephew to Easter services at a Lutheran church near my home.’
      • ‘No one is suggesting that Catholics stop referring to the Anglican, Lutheran and Pentecostal churches.’
      • ‘The Chicago Tribune headlined ‘Episcopal Church Approves Alliance with Lutheran Sect’.’
      • ‘Once the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and some Lutheran churches went onto the offensive greater opportunities for religious commissions followed.’
      • ‘Some of my most ardent Protestant Evangelicals fell in love with Teresa of Avila; Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the Lutheran pastor, was a favorite among the Catholics.’
      • ‘Unlike the Slovaks, who tended to adhere to the old-world Calvinist and Lutheran denominations, Czech Protestants tended to affiliate with American denominations.’
      • ‘Protestant groups include the United Church of Canada and the Anglican, Presbyterian, Baptist, and Lutheran churches.’
      • ‘The growth of royal power precipitated a break with Roman Catholic Church and the gradual establishment of a reformed church on the Lutheran model.’
      • ‘Most of the Protestants belong to the Lutheran church in Murska Sobota.’
      • ‘Add to this that the document addresses only one issue that divides Catholic and Lutheran churches, even if the issue is the most important one.’
      • ‘He was a Lutheran pastor, missionary, and church executive for 25 years.’
      • ‘Hence Hindu Gandhi, Baptist Martin Luther King Jr. and Lutheran Dag Hammarskjold earn mentions in Lives of the Saints.’
      • ‘After a few weeks of attending Methodist, Baptist, and Lutheran churches, her parents finally decided their new denomination was Presbyterian.’
      • ‘I recently led an adult education forum at a large Lutheran church.’
      • ‘In the last decade, Lutheran and Anglican churches in Canada, the United States, and northern Europe entered into separate agreements of full communion.’
      • ‘The three remaining churches are still in Lutheran limbo.’