Significado de meningoencephalitis en en inglés



mass nounMedicina
  • Inflammation of the membranes of the brain and the adjoining cerebral tissue.

    ‘An infant with botulism is often diagnosed with sepsis or meningoencephalitis because of symptoms of lethargy and irritability on presentation.’
    • ‘Disease also includes endocarditis, keratitis, osteomyelitis, peritonitis, and meningoencephalitis.’
    • ‘Bacterial encephalitis is rare and usually occurs in the setting of meningoencephalitis.’
    • ‘The signs of West Nile virus are similar to enteroviral meningoencephalitis.’
    • ‘Burkett claims to have contracted meningoencephalitis while serving in Panama.’



/mɪˈŋɪŋɡəʊɛnˌsɛfəˈlʌɪtɪs/ /mɪˈŋɪdʒəʊɛnˌsɛfəˈlʌɪtɪs/ /mɪˈŋɪŋɡəʊɛnˌkɛfəˈlʌɪtɪs/ /mɪˈŋɪdʒəʊɛnˌkɛfəˈlʌɪtɪs/