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Pronunciation /ˈmɪrə/

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  • 1A surface, typically of glass coated with a metal amalgam, which reflects a clear image.

    ‘he checked his appearance in the mirror’
    • ‘As the steam in the bathroom began to vent, the mirror cleared and his image appeared before him.’
    • ‘I was in for another surprise when I saw familiar images reflected in the mirror.’
    • ‘She checks her rear view mirrors, but she does not check the door.’
    • ‘Kevin checked his rear view mirror to see if anyone was following them.’
    • ‘My jaws dropped slightly as I saw the bathroom mirror was smashed to pieces.’
    • ‘She stood up, and took a quick look at herself in the full length mirror on her wall.’
    • ‘She managed to go a few steps further before she saw the bathroom mirror reflecting what was in it.’
    • ‘The driver's side mirror is often adjusted manually outside the car.’
    • ‘I stood up and walked over to the full length mirror hanging on my closet door.’
    • ‘Critically, I studied myself in the full-length mirror on the wall.’
    • ‘Kitty smiled into her large, oval bedroom mirror.’
    • ‘I looked into the large, round silver mirror on the wall adjacent to my bed.’
    • ‘He looked up at the small cracked mirror above the sink.’
    • ‘Sam looked dubiously at the large oval mirror on the desk, as Ryan set blue candles around it.’
    • ‘Hold a mirror in front of you and you can suddenly see behind you.’
    • ‘He pulled on his jeans and looked into the mirror above the sink.’
    • ‘There was a round mirror on the ceiling and in that surface I saw myself.’
    • ‘There was a mirror in my room, a tiny square of smoky glass.’
    • ‘Please, I beg you, look in the mirror in the dressing room.’
    • ‘The young man saw himself in the mirror behind the bar.’
    looking glass, reflector, reflecting surface
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    1. 1.1A thing regarded as accurately representing something else.
      ‘the stage is supposed to be the mirror of life’
      • ‘The world is a mirror representing the divine life.’
      • ‘This executive branch of government never functions as accurate and honest mirrors of the president.’
      • ‘Until then I had put up with whatever my mother considered respectable, an accurate mirror of the life she wished to be perceived as having.’
      • ‘As an accurate mirror of the society it serves, that is to be expected.’
      • ‘These representations are complex mirrors for western selves in specific historical moments.’
      • ‘Much of the work presented here invites analogies to US culture, providing a mirror and a model as much as a window onto a distant country.’
      • ‘Because of this twist, the second act is a distorted mirror of the first act, taking place on a similar weekend two years later.’
      • ‘The world, far from being a rough wilderness one has to force into one's own likeness, is now a mirror.’
      reflection, twin, double, exact likeness, image, replica, copy, clone, match, parallel
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  • 2

    (also mirror site)
    A site on a network which stores the contents copied from another site.

    ‘the company now has a mirror site in Taiwan’
    • ‘For example, if a file becomes corrupted, the system can locate a copy on a mirror site and replace the damaged file.’
    • ‘Its data center in London will serve as the mirror site going forward.’
    • ‘As a mirror site for the Central Institute of Technology, New Zealand, the site includes around 25 courseware packages published by them.’
    • ‘There are currently eleven hosts listed that are said to have deleted the site or refused to carry mirrors of it.’
    • ‘Since the release has not yet been officially announced, it may not appear on the company's list of approved FTP mirrors.’


[with object]
  • 1(of a surface) show a reflection of.

    ‘the clear water mirrored the sky’
    • ‘The translucent surface of the water mirrors the form of the island and the sky creating an overall aura of serenity.’
    • ‘The water's still surface perfectly mirrors the ragged spires of the aptly named Sawtooth Range stacked against the western horizon.’
    • ‘The river's glassy surface mirrors the surrounding forest in perfect detail.’
    • ‘In the spring the still surface mirrored the pale green of new buds.’
    • ‘The water mirrored and reflected the sky, bringing the outside into the intimate space.’
    • ‘Allie squinted at the seemingly still water which mirrored the overcast sky.’
    • ‘The colourful houses lining the fjord were mirrored in the calm surface.’
    • ‘Suddenly we come across a huge expanse of startlingly blue water mirroring vermilion rocks and towering pinnacles.’
    • ‘The magic of sand and stone is mirrored in the placid waters of the Sindhu, increasing the beauty of the landscape.’
    • ‘The water mirrored the tranquil display of colors.’
    • ‘The sun was shining high overhead but it wasn't mirrored in the water.’
    • ‘Each of their lips moved in tiny whispers and their bright forms were mirrored on the water.’
    • ‘It just finished raining, and the streets have a dull shine to them, mirroring the grey sky above.’
    • ‘Steep, heavily wooded slopes and towering waterfalls rushed down to the river bottom, where the sparkling flood mirrored the mountains and sky above.’
    • ‘The sun dipped into the ocean, surrounded by rainbow-colored sky that was mirrored in the gentle waves.’
    • ‘The surface is dead calm, mirroring the surroundings, perfectly creating a surreal environment.’
    • ‘Qingshan Lake, which is 1.8 times of the size of West Lake, mirrors the forest on its surface.’
    send back, throw back, cast back, give back, bounce back, shine back, return, mirror
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  • 2Correspond or be similar to (another thing)

    ‘his own views mirrored those of his followers’
    • ‘gradations of educational attainment mirror differences in social background’
    • ‘those predictions mirror the preliminary data from the Tourist Board’
    • ‘So the Tories are now simply mirroring what Labour did two decades ago.’
    • ‘Parents of children with congenital heart defects have already told her that her account mirrored exactly what they went through.’
    • ‘Events at the school closely mirror the political situation in Chile as a whole.’
    • ‘The clinical condition of affected individuals often does not closely mirror their specific genotype.’
    • ‘By design, the student body closely mirrors the school district as a whole.’
    • ‘People's views do not simply mirror their material circumstances.’
    • ‘Mirroring a national trend, the number of postal vote applications has soared.’
    • ‘Use of mesh in the past decade in southeastern Scotland mirrors the global trend.’
    • ‘The journal's emphasis on the recent past mirrors the trend in manuscript submissions.’
    • ‘The set-up for each game is designed to nullify the opposition, often mirroring it.’
    • ‘But the accounting treatment for these leases does not mirror this economic reality.’
    • ‘But is TV mirroring reality or is it all science fiction?’
    • ‘The following extracts especially appealed to me, because they mirror my own experience.’
    • ‘The state that best mirrors the general pattern of analysis of the African state is Nigeria.’
    • ‘They had created a symmetrical drawing, with one side mirroring the other.’
    • ‘The film closes with the end of the affair - a summer of self-indulgence and irresponsibility has transformed into autumnal reflection, mirroring the changes in wider society at the turn of the decade.’
    • ‘Support for the Vietnam conflict also mirrors the ends-and-means calculus reflected in the Korean War.’
    • ‘The study says the spike in storm intensity mirrors a rise in ocean surface temperatures which, in turn, may be linked to global warming.’
    • ‘For him, however, music is a medium that mirrors the world, reflecting the mores and aspirations of its young.’
    • ‘The revival of Confucius mirrors the return of other traditional belief systems and religions such as Taoism and Buddhism.’
    reflect, repeat, match, reproduce, imitate, simulate
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  • 3Display content from (the screen of a computer, phone, or other device) on another screen, usually via a wireless connection.

    ‘device owners can mirror their screen to their TV’
    • ‘wireless technology lets you mirror your phone's screen on a compatible TV’
  • 4Computing
    Keep a copy of the contents of (a network site) at another site, typically in order to improve accessibility.

    ‘his site was mirrored at several colleges around the United States’
    • ‘If you are transferring from anonymous sites, the format is almost identical to the one used to mirror a Web site.’
    • ‘The Norwegian rappers also encourage others to mirror the original site ‘on the condition that you don't alter our content’.’
    • ‘Later, the site at SUNY was mirrored at other locations.’
    • ‘If you've offered to mirror the site elsewhere, thanks.’
    • ‘What NZ operation has seemingly been mirroring other websites without permission and using these cloned sites to accept unsuspecting people's credit card details?’
    1. 4.1Store (copies of data) on two or more hard disks as a method of protecting it.
      ‘another three identical drives would mirror data from primary sources’
      • ‘As 2 disks are used for striping and 2 disks for mirroring, such an array is as fast as a standard RAID array with 2 disks and offers still data protection by mirroring.’
      • ‘Some have gone further, enhancing their backup strategy with expensive disk arrays and mirroring.’
      • ‘The hallmarks of enterprise-class data protection are technologies like remote replication and disk mirroring.’
      • ‘The hallmarks of enterprise-class data protection are technologies like remote replication and disk mirroring.’
      • ‘Instead, a combination of disk mirroring and tape backup can provide a more complete protection scheme.’


Middle English from Old French mirour, based on Latin mirare ‘look at’. Early senses also included ‘a crystal used in magic’ and ‘a person deserving imitation’.