Meaning of moll in English:


Pronunciation /mɒl/

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informal, dated
  • 1A gangster's female companion.

    • ‘I'd rush the money over to his moll’
    • ‘This is no great film, but to treat it like some made-for-TV biopic of an unknown Midwestern gangster and his ditzy moll is itself a crime.’
    • ‘This is beamed particularly at the over 25 age group and merrymakers should dress as the favourite infamous gangsters and molls from the movies.’
    • ‘In Drexler's hothouse world of boxers, gangsters and abused molls, women have to fight back.’
    • ‘While chatting with Raymond, an old friend from jail, Manda sees a gangster's moll, the beautiful, blonde Marie waltzing reluctantly with Roland, the man she belongs to.’
    • ‘Her sister Christine is a gangster's moll, and Tommy, the right-hand-man to the boss, wants Michelle to be his lady.’
    • ‘The actress has a new movie coming out called Gloria, in which she is a leggy gangster's moll who suddenly has to take care of a sassy, streetwise kid.’
    • ‘He tells the story of a gangster's moll, treated in a casually proprietorial manner by her man, who exacts revenge by falling in love with her plumber.’
    • ‘I guess when it comes to the crunch, I'm just not suited to being a gangster's moll…’
    • ‘Her role as a gangster's moll won a Hollywood bachelor's heart.’
    • ‘In his new incarnation he meets another version of his wife, Alice, this time as a gangster's moll.’
    • ‘He falls in with a gangster while at the same time falling for the gangster's moll.’
    • ‘These shot glasses are perfect for wannabe mobsters and molls who like to pretend they're boozing in a strip joint instead of a room and kitchen in Paisley.’
    • ‘Up is down and black is white in this world of mobsters and molls.’
    • ‘My film situation is similar to his - gangster on the run with his moll.’
    • ‘The Labour crew look like mafia hoods and molls - all grey hair, badly fitting dark suits and chin stubble.’
    • ‘Collectively, they're as sinister as the Kray gang and their molls.’
    • ‘This is the character who has been raised from the status of burglar's moll to sanctified heroine during the course of the novel.’
    • ‘He has cast one local politician as a member of the Mafia and another as his moll.’
    • ‘Eastern motorcycle punks and their molls love to alter their appearance with bleach and henna and contact lenses of bizarre colouration.’
    • ‘When gangsters murder a young boy's family, he falls under the unlikely protection of a tough, ageing ex-gangster's moll.’
  • 2A prostitute.

    • ‘She was wall to wall M&S, wall to wall company moll.’
    • ‘The flight from Joplin turns into a shouting match between Bonnie and Blanche, as moll and preacher's daughter collide.’
    • ‘Every day, the girls are haranguing her about her sexual exploits; talking about her as a slut, as a moll, somebody who sleeps with anybody.’


Early 17th century pet form of the given name Mary.