Meaning of Muhammadan in English:


Pronunciation /mʊˈhaməd(ə)n/

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(also Mohammedan)
  • A follower of the religion of Islam; a Muslim.

    ‘But I have a problem with some of your panelists, because I don't think Christ was a Christian, I don't think Buddha was a Buddhist, and I don't think that Mohammed was a Mohammedan.’
    • ‘As long back as the 13th century she preached non-violence, simple living and high thinking and became thus Lalla Arifa for Muhammadans and Lalleshwari for Hindus.’
    • ‘Another one, written in English and Arabic, was dedicated to the Muhammadan soldiers in Her Majesty's army who died while serving, and a third marker had nothing on it.’
    • ‘In contrast to the Christians, who persecuted not only pagans but each other, the Mohammedans were welcomed for their broadmindedness, and it was largely this that facilitated their conquests.’
    • ‘The shrine of a Mohammedan saint which is at the present day neglected and forgotten by Mohammedans, is worshipped by Hindus!’
    • ‘There is nothing in the requirements of Masonry to prevent a Catholic, a Mohammedan, a Jew, a Buddhist, a Protestant, a Mormon, or any member of any religion from becoming a member.’
    • ‘Even the Mohammedan religion has failed to excite his ferocity.’
    • ‘According to Uphof fruits preserved in cans, with salt water and sugar, are eaten by Muhammadan pilgrims during their journeys to Mecca.’
    • ‘Seventy per cent of the population was classified as Orthodox (including Old Believers), 11 per cent as Muhammadan, and 9 per cent as Catholics.’


(also Mohammedan)
  • Relating to Muslims or their religion.


Muslim is the preferred term for ‘a follower of Islam’, although the form Moslem is also used. The archaic term Muhammadan (or Mohammedan) is not favoured by Muslims and should be avoided


Late 17th century from the name of the prophet Muhammad (see Muhammad) + -an.