Meaning of NBD in English:



informal mainly US
  • short for no big deal

    • ‘he fought off a hundred vampires like it was NBD’
    • ‘I've had to do it myself, NBD.’
    • ‘We're going to have more babies so NBD really.’
    • ‘All that and you're really just gonna dance next to him like it's NBD?’
    • ‘Not crazy about the font or the busy-looking layout - but hey, NBD.’
    • ‘Hugging a fan after playing them her new album like it's NBD.’
    • ‘Also, NBD, her eyelashes are RED.’
    • ‘Is preserving the Queen's English a worthwhile task or is the evolution of grammar and language NBD?’
    • ‘But in the grand scheme of things it's NBD.’
    • ‘NBD, just another day at the office.’
    • ‘Oh, just her morning routine, NBD.’