Meaning of nocturnal emission in English:

nocturnal emission


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  • An involuntary ejaculation of semen during sleep.

    ‘The Indian researchers found that many of the main sexual concerns of south Asian males are focused on semen loss-from masturbation, nocturnal emissions and other causes.’
    • ‘It is normal also to not have them or to not realize you are having the nocturnal emission because the semen may dry before you wake up.’
    • ‘In point of fact, though, we no longer believe that monks who have nocturnal emissions are victims of demonic succubae, nor are they morally culpable; yet this was a common belief once.’
    • ‘Dad lights up his pipe and starts talking about nocturnal emissions.’
    • ‘I mean, you know, I remember when I was a kid being deathly afraid when I got to be 12 or 13 of what they called ‘a nocturnal emission.’’