Meaning of OMG in English:


Pronunciation /ˌəʊɛmˈdʒiː/


  • Used to express surprise, excitement, disbelief, etc.

    • ‘OMG! If my parents find out they will go mad!’
    • ‘I am inordinately excited (OMG!)’
    • ‘omg, that girl in today's episode was a complete maniac!’
    • ‘I read that entire forum thread, and omg, what a bunch of tools the regular posters are - the board admin is the worst.’
    • ‘Omg you are completely incorrigible.’
    • ‘Of course when I first saw what you're wearing I was like, 'omg, she totally needs a makeover!'’
    • ‘omg … you sneaky girl!’
    • ‘OMG, Bryan, she's so cute!’
    • ‘I was like OMG, and then pulled my friend away.’
    • ‘"OMG, think of all the makeup I could, like, buy if I won!"’
    • ‘Claire: OMG Lisa this is great.’
    • ‘Omg, that was fun.’
    • ‘Omg where are they?’
    • ‘OMG the exams are drawing nearer and nearer!’
    • ‘OMG.’
    • ‘Omg, we finally did it!’
    • ‘So, we did, and omg it was beyond delicious.’
    • ‘OMG me too!’
    • ‘Omg, please, some people, like me, are desperate and worried to the core about what they're gonna do with their lives!’
    • ‘OMG, thank you, thank you, thank you.’
    • ‘I love the feeling when people walk in into our place and exclaim, OMG, your house looks so pretty.’


Early 20th century from the initial letters of oh my God! (the final elements may sometimes represent goodness, gosh, etc.).