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Pronunciación /ˈpamflɪt/

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  • A small booklet or leaflet containing information or arguments about a single subject.

    ‘he published a spate of pamphlets on the subjects about which he felt strongly’
    • ‘Booklets and information pamphlets will also be handed out and emergency personnel will be on hand to answer any questions.’
    • ‘Print marketing covers a wide range of options, from point of sale booklets to direct mail pamphlets.’
    • ‘It also runs education programmes and staff hand out information pamphlets.’
    • ‘Booklets, pamphlets, posters and other printed information will also be available.’
    • ‘Rather than providing information from books and pamphlets, I can expand on it from my personal experiences.’
    • ‘We will have a range of religious pamphlets and booklets on sale.’
    • ‘This is to be followed by publishing of pamphlets, leaflets and propaganda material aimed at youngsters.’
    • ‘Here you can find pamphlets giving information about walks in the area, and also view excellent displays.’
    • ‘The pamphlet also doles out information on correct postures to prevent body aches while using the computers.’
    • ‘Yet during that period, not a single pamphlet was produced giving guidance in the event of a major terrorist attack.’
    • ‘The tale became the subject of songs, pamphlets, verses sold in trains and on the streets, and popular fiction.’
    • ‘My mailbox got stuffed with flyers and informational pamphlets about their so-called abilities.’
    • ‘The major role of pamphlets and online information, however, should be to reinforce adequate oral communication.’
    • ‘The information in these pamphlets was disseminated through the work of other writers.’
    • ‘Health workers also passed out information pamphlets about dengue fever and its dangers.’
    • ‘It is simply an information pamphlet and a letter describing the company's intent.’
    • ‘A local women's group is commissioned to develop an information pamphlet.’
    • ‘Firstly, he constantly used books - not just pamphlets and paperbacks but great volumes, some of them written centuries ago.’
    • ‘A table is set up with cards and pamphlets with information on caring for people who are dying and grieving once they are gone.’
    • ‘An informative pamphlet with two pages of production notes accompanies the DVD.’
    brochure, leaflet, booklet, circular, flyer, handbill, handout, bill, notice, tract
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verboverbo pamphlets, verbo pamphleting, verbo pamphleted

[con objeto]
  • Distribute pamphlets to.

    ‘a handful of heritage-minded citizens who pamphleted their neighbours’
    • ‘Members will also be pamphleting school communities about the public education issue.’
    • ‘Do you remember every household in Britain being pamphleted with an anti-terror booklet?’
    • ‘Discussion, of this armchair variety, is even provided for in the Constitution (ie the use of public spaces for protests, pamphleting, discourse and the engagement of all sorts of ideas.)’
    • ‘In December three activists were arrested and detained for 75 days for pamphleting and their families and workplaces were visited.’
    • ‘They are a familiar sight, glumly pamphleting on the streets downtown in small drab groups.’
    • ‘The Exclusive Brethren telephone canvassed extensively, they pushed polls, they pamphleted, and they ran election day systems.’
    • ‘Together, the three cases the court cited protect the right to pamphlet and petition anonymously.’
    • ‘The group, which recruited through a website and public pamphleting, ordered T-shirts from Chapman and used the front's insignia and literature.’


Late Middle English from Pamphilet, the familiar name of the 12th-century Latin love poem Pamphilus, seu de Amore.