Meaning of pollination in English:


Pronunciation /pɒlɪˈneɪʃ(ə)n/

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mass noun
  • The transfer of pollen to a stigma, ovule, flower, or plant to allow fertilization.

    ‘the flowers depend on bees for pollination’
    • ‘crop pollination is essential to fruit production’
    • ‘Usually an average count of at least 10 beetles per ear is required to seriously affect pollination.’
    • ‘Usually an average of at least 10 beetles per ear are required to seriously affect pollination.’
    • ‘Placement of honeybee colonies is important in order to ensure adequate pollination.’
    • ‘Strawberries vary in their need for bee pollination.’
    • ‘Honeybees have numerous adaptations helpful to them for effective pollination.’
    • ‘Such arguments make dollar values of pollination difficult to determine.’
    • ‘With the corn crop advancing toward pollination, water requirements have increased dramatically.’
    • ‘Yield loss near pollination can occur for several reasons.’
    • ‘Unusually high temperatures during pollination likely led to some of the problems.’
    • ‘The extent of pollination dictates the maximum number of fruits.’