Meaning of Quebecois in English:


Pronunciation /keɪbɛˈkwɑː/

nounplural noun Quebecois

(also Québécois)
  • 1A native or inhabitant of Quebec, typically one who is French Canadian.

    ‘a 57-year-old Quebecois with a bristling grey moustache and penetrating eyes’
    • ‘the company now employs some 30 Maine residents and 20 Quebecois’
    • ‘Many Quebecois harboured a deep-seated hatred of the English, the people who had dominated them for over 200 years.’
    • ‘Strong kinship ties, proximity to places of origin, and the French language made the Quebecois resistant to assimilation.’
    • ‘The political tensions between Quebecois and Acadiens are probably as pronounced today as they are between English-speaking Ontarians and Quebecois.’
    • ‘A bewigged Quebecois (Marcel Sabourin) gives us a history lesson on imperialism in politics and the cinema.’
    • ‘Of course, many Quebecois voluntarily joined Canada's wartime effort, but Adelard Godbout realized that a large number of his provincial constituents wanted to stay out of the European conflict.’
    • ‘This isn't to say that the Quebecois doesn't have the acumen or skill to present a seamless and engaging mix - the record proves that he most certainly does - he just hadn't yet displayed that element of his talents.’
    • ‘I can only imagine how a Québécois of French descent must have felt.’
    • ‘Most of the Quebecois who visit VT are not from Montreal.’
    • ‘They aren't the only Quebecois currently embroiled in a social media melee.’
    • ‘A draconian law to quell demonstrations has only galvanised public support for young Quebecois protesting tuition fee hikes.’
  • 2mass noun The form of French spoken in Quebec.

    ‘I speak Parisian French, rather than Quebecois’
    • ‘Daniel Jobin's DP work should receive some kind of special award from the Quebec tourist industry, because watching this film gave me an urge to take a crash course in Quebecois, pack some fishing gear and move there immediately.’
    • ‘This table indicates that shifting the vowel of fort to sound like the vowel of standard European French fard is normal in Quebecois.’
    • ‘We had dinner at the truckstop and listened to the French-Canadian truckers all speaking Quebecois and then came home to a full moon lighting up the whole yard.’
    • ‘I can say without a doubt that I love learning to speak Quebecois!’
    • ‘I speak Québécois with my parents.’


(also Québécois)
  • Relating to Quebec or the form of French spoken there.

    ‘Quebecois folk songs’
    • ‘the Quebecois accent’
    • ‘However, Toronto is not a good location from which to serve the distinct Quebecois market.’
    • ‘In Quebec, the development of an effective, locally owned distribution system has absolved the Quebecois music industry of an ongoing reliance on multinational firms.’
    • ‘She's got a Quebecois look to her.’
    • ‘Taking it to a party, he asks a number of historians, both English and Quebecois, to identify the portrait.’
    • ‘All levels of cross-country skiers are invited to join us north of Montreal at eastern Canada's premier nordic lodge complete with 500 acres of pristine woodlands, country estate elegance, and local Quebecois warmth.’
    • ‘So if you offer me the choice between an international project and a Quebecois one, it's the story and the character that will decide my choice.’
    • ‘The movie's title sounds like a real Quebecois expression.’
    • ‘It's a fun little album in which even the liner note lyrics are written up in the Québécois vernacular.’
    • ‘We decided to bring the ball back to our court and work strictly with Québécois musicians.’
    • ‘This Quebecois drama represented Canada in the running for this year's Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.’


Mid 19th century from French québécois.