Meaning of rectum in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrɛktəm/

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nounrectums, recta

  • The final section of the large intestine, terminating at the anus.

    ‘Cancer of the rectum may involve removing the whole rectum and anus.’
    • ‘This infection can affect the genitals, anus, rectum and throat, and can affect both men and women.’
    • ‘Besides providing support, these muscles control the action of the rectum and anus.’
    • ‘An abscess may form around the rectum and anus causing pain and swelling.’
    • ‘In many cases the bowel will continue to work as before, with stools passing through the bowel, rectum and anus.’
    • ‘When the disease affects only the rectum - the final portion of the bowel, it is known as proctitis.’
    • ‘The primary site of infection is the endocervix with secondary infection of the rectum or urethra.’
    • ‘These sores occur mainly on the genitals, anus or in the rectum, but also can form on the lips and in the mouth.’
    • ‘These swollen and inflamed veins in your anus and rectum are another source of rectal bleeding.’
    • ‘Hemorrhoids are enlarged, bulging blood vessels in and about the anus and lower rectum.’
    • ‘From an anatomical and surgical point of view, the rectum begins at the peritoneal reflection.’
    • ‘A probe is inserted in the rectum and the prostate looked at with ultrasound waves and any abnormal areas are sampled with a special needle.’
    • ‘The colon and the rectum are part of the large intestine, which is part of the digestive system.’
    • ‘Continence depends on functioning muscles and nerves in and around the rectum and anal canal.’
    • ‘Hemorrhoids occur when straining or pressure causes the veins in your rectum to swell and enlarge.’
    • ‘Your doctor may check your prostate by putting a finger into your rectum to feel the back of your prostate gland.’
    • ‘This instrument is carefully passed through the rectum (back passage) and into the colon.’
    • ‘Bacteria from the rectum can travel up the urethra and cause infections more easily.’
    • ‘The uterus may also press on the rectum causing constipation.’
    • ‘Hormone changes slow the passage of food through the gut, while the growing uterus can put pressure on the rectum.’


Mid 16th century from Latin rectum (intestinum) ‘straight (intestine)’.