Meaning of Roman candle in English:

Roman candle


  • A firework giving off a series of flaming coloured balls and sparks.

    ‘Roman candles are the best fireworks ever created.’
    • ‘She was shocked when she saw that two fireworks, possibly Roman candles, had been thrown inside.’
    • ‘The firework - a Roman candle - burnt his face and ricocheted around the living room of the flat, burning the door, ceiling, walls and windows, and nearly hit Doreen in the head.’
    • ‘Rockets, Roman candles, Catherine wheels the size of truck tyres, 400 tons in all, exploding in cascades over the city for 45 minutes beginning at the stroke of midnight.’
    • ‘Bottle rockets, firecrackers, and Roman candles are illegal in Iowa, yet some people purchase these items out-of-state and light them at home or at family gatherings or parties.’
    • ‘In every street crackers stuttered and spat, Roman candles spilled their molten streams over the cobbles, and rockets sought out that little crack of space that Neapolitans call the sky.’
    • ‘Marginally discouraged, I wander outside to find people letting off industrial-sized Roman candles in their hands.’
    • ‘Those Roman candles over the nation's cities provided the only sound and fury as the last minutes of the old century rolled over to the first minutes of the new.’
    • ‘The days of a few Roman candles and Catherine wheels going off in the back yard are long gone.’
    • ‘A total of seven people aged from ten to 25 and five people over the age of 25 were injured in different accidents, involving four rockets, one Roman candle and in seven cases the type of firework that caused the injury was unknown.’
    • ‘As the voices grow quieter and then fall into silence, somewhere a child lights off a Roman candle, and the resulting starburst reminds those gathered of a prayer answered, a request granted.’