Meaning of SJW in English:



informal, derogatory
    • ‘there will be an uproar from SJWs’
    • ‘I'm continually entertained that they seem to think the SJW moniker is an insult.’
    • ‘This is SJWs trying to manufacture offensiveness where none exists.’
    • ‘My friends would laugh if they heard you imply I was an SJW.’
    • ‘I know this is sarcasm, but what is scary is that I've heard SJWs say nearly identical things while being serious.’
    • ‘These SJWs just killed the last truly great radio show.’
    • ‘Far too many SJW's about.’
    • ‘The amount of abuse I've received from SJWs on Twitter is amazing.’
    • ‘SJWs need moral high ground to exist and when they have none they are forced to grasp at straws.’
    • ‘Where is the brigade of SJWs to howl to the media about my oppression?’
    • ‘And you can decide if you like the content and not have it pushed on you by SJW types.’