Meaning of scrofula in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskrɒfjʊlə/

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mass nounhistorical
  • A disease with glandular swellings, probably a form of tuberculosis.

    Also formerly called king's evil

    ‘These coins were handed out as talismans by the monarch at a special ceremony to sufferers of the skin disease, scrofula (otherwise known as King's Evil).’
    • ‘The coronation ceremony stressed his semi-spiritual quality, which seemed proven by the alleged power of the royal touch to cure the skin disease scrofula.’
    • ‘Initially, the power to heal was applied to most all diseases, but was eventually applied primarily to scrofula - a form of tuberculosis that affects lymph nodes in the neck.’
    • ‘It is used for constipation caused by dryness, for skin inflammation caused by damp heat (like yellow dock and for scrofula (swollen glands).’
    • ‘The coin depicted to the left of the font represented Edward's divine ability to cure scrofula since he possessed what Plot termed ‘the gift of Sanation,’ which he bequeathed to his successors.’
    • ‘She also uses some uncommon remedies such as geranium for colds and columbine for scrofula.’


Late Middle English from medieval Latin, diminutive of Latin scrofa ‘breeding sow’ (said to be subject to the disease).